T'Zikal New York

This is our second review with T'zikal and it has become one of our hair care favorites.  The products work.  They work well.  They do what they purport to do. 

Overall, these are moderately high-end products with incredible ingredient lists. 


(1) Curl Defining Serum (4 Fl Oz) SRP $38.00
T'Zikal New York(1) Deep Hydrating Shampoo (2.5 Fl Oz) SRP $10.00
(1) Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream (2.5 Fl Oz) SRP $12.00
(1) Intense Moisture Hand Balm (2.5 Fl Oz) SRP $20.00
(1) Moisture Protect Hand Lotion (2.5 Fl Oz) SRP $20.00
(1) Smooth Styling Hair Wax (.16 Oz) SRP $18.00
(1) Smooth Styling Hair Wax (1.33 Oz) SRP $24.00

Curl Defining Serum

This is a truly amazing item, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Seriously.  Our hair is slightly wavy and calmed with an expensive straightener.  Hence, we turned our attention to a Ginae Reviews staffer who is twenty years our senior and has way curly hair.

When we first saw her for the day, her hair was just there.  Nothing special.  However, after applying just a bit of the Curl Defining Serum, it came to life.  The frizz went away, shine appeared and it was an incredible difference.  We both were incredibly impressed.

Deep Hydrating Shampoo & Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream

We reviewed these two items in our last T'zikal review.  Hence, we've stepped this up just a bit and included images of our brass tresses to demonstrate the results.  Our crown is shiny (like when we were 12), pretty and captures light in a magical way. 

Intense Moisture Hand Balm

The aroma of this balm is mildly medicinal, but, pleasant (all of these items have the same scent and it is delightful).  It works like a dream.  Our skin has always become so dry during the Winter.  It will eventually crack open and bleed.  However, our skin took this balm right in, immediately softened our skin and approved the appearance. 

T'Zikal New YorkMoisture Protect Hand Lotion

Dry skin will drink it right in.  It forms a protective layer of moisture which, lasts. 

Smooth Styling Hair Wax

This may be used for braiding and/or as a nourishing leave-in treatment for those with hair extensions.  We used it to calm our sometimes unruly bangs.  Then, we took a photograph of it.  Beautiful, huh?

About T'zikal:

Derived from the Mayan word meaning sanctified or blessed, the name T’zikal reflects the company's approach to beauty and belief in the purity of true self care.

Flawless, natural ingredients are their passion. They believe the most potent, effective beauty solutions can be found in nature and have usually been around for ages. This devotion led them to seek out and source only the highest quality ingredients in Central America, USA and Europe, beginning with the rediscovery of an ancient Honduran beauty remedy for hair and skin: ojon palm nut oil.

Revered by the Mayans for over 500 years, ojon palm nut oil is wildly rich in omega oils and other nutrients that profoundly replenish and rebuild hair, leaving it extraordinarily soft, shiny, and manageable. With this as their foundational ingredient, they ventured to the most sophisticated skincare labs, seeking to achieve a level of luxury that only modern science could provide.

The result is a collection of truly remarkable products for hair and skin. One that stays true to their cultural heritage with simple, natural, high quality ingredients – no animal testing, no parabens, no artificial colors, fragrance or dyes. And one that directly reflects our dedication to the purity and the power of simple ingredients while also pampering consumers with the most refined formulas in sleek, design-minded packaging.

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