TimerCap is a company which actively seeks to offer an efficient solution to medication adherence.  It's a problem, particularly for those of us for whom memory is something that we had before we started taking all of the medicine.  It's a real problem.  In fact, the American Heart Association states thusly;

Taking medication correctly may seem like a simple or personal matter, but non-adherence (or not taking medication as directed) is a complicated and common problem. People do not realize the real damage or consequences of non-adherence. When patients with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease do not take medication as directed, the repercussions can be severe. For instance, not keeping blood pressure in check can lead to heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.

TimerCapTimerCap offers one viable solution.


(4) TimerCap with Medicine Bottles
(4) Sticker Labels for Bottles

We are so incredibly impressed with this product that we hope words can adequately convey our thoughts. 

TimerCapFirstly, the simplicity of this item is to be publicly lauded.  In fact, we let the product lie on our desk for a couple of days before touching it, as we were thinking that surely, such a thing was too complex for our simple mode of thinking.  Fortunately, we were wrong.

Simply open the cap and it records the time that you do so!

Hows that for simplicity?

So, there's nothing to set.  It's easier to operate than a gym timer.  Yes.

As for the sticker labels, these are nice to get too.  However, we do not wish to mess with stickers.  Hence, we will use our less-than-common shaped pills for our bottles.

TimerCap products may be purchased from their website.

TimerCap Company Mission:

Imagine… a healthier America, a better quality of life for you and your family, relief from worrying if your sick child or aging parents are taking their medications as needed. Well today there is finally a real solution for the number one biggest problem in healthcare today. A solution where every stakeholder including, Providers, Pharmacies, Pharma, Payers AND Patients benefit.

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