SABRE is one of the top brand names for personal and professional security items.  These can be purchased from the website listed below.  Police-strength items may also be purchased.


  • (1) Door Handle Alarm
  • (1) Personal Alarm (Breast Cancer Edition)
  • (1) Pepper Gel (Maximum Strength)

Door Handle Alarm

This alarm requires 3 AAA batteries.  It's super easy to use and then to hang inside your abode.  Install the batteries, set the detection method (vibration or static electricity), set the mode (3 to choose from), hang on the door knob, wait for the red light to cease flashing, you're good to go.  Simple.

Personal Alarm

We removed the clear tab from the back and began looking for a "pin" out.  It took us a few minutes to realize that the pin was attached to the chain.  Other than not being super clear on this, this item works great.  It is very loud and should surely deter most people of a frightening disposition far away.  We love that it is pink and supports breast cancer.  This item attaches easily on your purse via the key chain. Excellent!

Pepper Gel

This container fits perfectly in our hand.  It also has an attached handle with Velcro for an easy grip.  The sprayer slides into a safety position when you are not toting it about, as if to use.  Simply slide it into position when you are doing such toting. 

This is a somewhat small container.  However, it is maximum strength and the number one brand, as decided by officers of the law.  It is not a joke.

About SABRE:

SABRE has an A+ rating from the BBB. They have been in business for over 40 years and offer a nice diversity of personal safety products. They are the largest manufacturer of pepper sprays, which are purchased by law enforcement professionals and a host of others.

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