Retractable Dog Leash

Up for your perusal is this cute and functional dog leash. 

Retractable Dog Leash Unlike any leashes that we have encountered before, this one is a pretty light blue with white dots on it.  It expands for 16' and allows for plenty of dog adventures while you lounge languidly on a big rock, for example. 

There are no visible flaws, excepting two small strings at the leash end of the ribbon.  We tried to cut them.  But, alas, our scissors were not strong enough.  Hence, we decided to leave well enough alone. 

The handle is sturdy.  We need that, as we tend to drop our leash on an often-type basis.  Sighing. 

Otherwise, this is a good bang for your buck.  Your dog will love it.  However, if your dog is skittish, you could upset them if you make a big deal about locking the leash (the small, black button on the handle-side of the unit).  It's not even that loud.  Sighing.

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