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When we were approached for a review from this particular company, our face flushed and we immediately thought, "No!  Nuh-ugh.  What?"  However, we put in some critical mid-life woman thinking time and decided that these products were/are important.  Nay, vital for a lot of women, at differing life junctures.  We decided that we were not thinking properly about it and that not only should we research these and provide useful information, but, we should be as efficient as possible (without providing any photographs or personally intimate information - you are welcome).
Private Rx


  • (1) Cooling Pads SRP $4.99
  • (1) External Vaginal Moisturizer SRP $19.99
  • (1) Personal Vaginal Lubricant SRP $19.99
  • (1) Soothing Serum SRP $4.99

Private RxCooling Pads  

These have a somewhat strong, medicinal aroma.  However, considering that what they do is calm and give relief to razor-burned and sensitive skin, do you care what it smells like?  No. 

We tried a pad on a sore part of our arm (skeeter bites) and it is soothing.  In fact, the product would most likely be beneficial to anyone who experiences almost any modicum of irritation following shaving or waxing.  Mustache.  Legs.  Wherever.

External Vaginal Moisturizer  

This product should be applied to external "down there" parts if your skin is dry (because of menopause or other medical issues) and therefore causes irritation. 

Personal Vaginal Lubricant

This product was designed with the older client in mind.  However, many a folk have dryness issues for a host of reasons.  Sometimes, the use of certain feminine products can be problematic because of dryness.

Private Rx From looking at the container, one would think the solution very thin.  Too thin.  But, it is not.  In fact, it's thicker than other (similar) products that we have perused.

Soothing Serum  

This product is an excellent companion for the cooling pads.  Use the pads for an initial swipe.  Follow-up with the serum.

Private Rx feminine products may be purchased from the website, as listed below.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Shipping is free.

About Private Rx:  

Femnene Corporation was founded by Dr. Ronald D. Blatt Medical Director of the Manhattan Centers for Women's Health and the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery for the sole purpose of empowering women with better options for intimate skin care solutions. 

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