Pine Bros

The history of Pine Brothers began in 1870.  Herman Pine, a former German confectionery maker, sought out relief from a sore throat and came up with  his own solution.  Glycerin drops. 

Today, Pine Brothers is still going strong and we had the privilege of trying two Softish Throat Relief products.


(4) Sugar-Free Wild Cherry Softish Throat Relief
(4) Vitamin C Orange Softish Throat Relief

Sugar-Free Wild Cherry Softish Throat Relief

Pine Bros We have never found a sugar-free throat product for which we could tolerate the taste.

Until now.

We like these.  The fact that the drops are softish is a somewhat odd concept to us.  But, we like it.  We just have to remember not to chew them.

Vitamin C Orange

On the norm, we are not in love with an orange taste.  However, these have a subtle orange taste that we like.  

If you've never had a Pine Bros product before, why not try them?  They are unique.  This is a good thing.  They are wildly available.  We Googled them and found that you may purchase them online or at several brick-n-mortar outfits. 

Most outlets offer the 32-piece packages for around $3.50. 

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