YouCopia Review & Giveaway

All of these items are very sturdy.  Do not be deceived by the economical prices of these.  Once you put them together (easy), they stay strong.  Keep them clean and they should last for years to come.
YouCopia Review & Giveaway


(1) SpiceSteps 24-Bottle MSRP $15.99
(1) StoraStack for Drawers MSRP $14.99
(1) StoreMore Lid Holder MSRP $14.99


This is so perfect for your spices.  It holds 24-bottles and is comprised of a series of 4-steps and a metal prop on the back.  The steps are also textured for easier retrieval.  The SpiceSteps also comes with a sheet of small, white labels, as well as a sheet of labeled stickers (Allspice, Cloves, Whole Cloves, etc).  Convenient!
YouCopia Review & Giveaway

StoraStack for Drawers:

Agh!  We love things that help you organize things!  Yes.

This one has slots at one end, to accommodate most, smaller plastic lids.  It comes with two two clip dispensers so that you can set the sizes of remaining space.  The other end expands to accommodate those with more space.  The entire piece has venting holes, in the event that you place something wet on it (post-dishwash, etc.).

StoreMore Lid Holder:
YouCopia Review & Giveaway

This is a marvelous idea.  In fact, we cannot recall a single time when growing up that we did not go to fetch a lid for a certain pot and had to cull the mass of mess to get it.  This product will solve that problem.  However, we would be remiss if we did not admonish that you need a strong had to put the shelves into place.  Also, do not set a shelf improperly as they also require a strong hand to remove.  But, this is our only caveat.

About YouCopia:

YouCopia was founded in 2006 by father-daughter duo Mark and Lauren Greenwood. A product designer with 30+ years experience, Mark developed the SpiceStack, an award-winning spice rack concept that smartly organizes store-bought spices in the kitchen cabinet.

With more than 1 million sold, the success of the SpiceStack led to many more innovative ideas for the kitchen. Today, YouCopia offers busy home cooks solutions for organizing spices, coffee, tea, oil and vinegar bottles, silverware, food storage containers, pot lids, bakeware, cutting boards and more.

Our products are affordable, functional, easy-to-use, space-efficient and most important, unique to the market. We want to help people experience organization so they can live with less stress and more happiness.

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