Java Box Coffee Club

The Java Box Coffee Club offers premium fair trade coffee which is delivered on a monthly basis. 

  • (1) 8 Oz Bag of Zeal Coffee Roasters

The aroma of this coffee brand is other worldly.  It's an etheric combination of Introduction to Barnes and Noble, the Earth and beauty in a bag.  When we opened up the bag for the first time, we were in the presence of three other reviewers and they all came clamoring 'round about us. 

Back off crows!  This one belongs to your gentle writer.  Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's right.

Yes, we did share.  Sighing.  We love our reviewers. 

The taste is even better.  We didn't even add our normal hazelnut creamer.  We simply used raw sugar and creamer.  That's all we need/ed.

Java Box Coffee Club About Java Box Coffee Club:

Java Box Coffee Club wants you to enjoy great coffee while ensuring coffee farmers are treated fairly. We promote happiness through giving. We give you the best coffee we can find. That's your God given right as a club member.

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