HooToo AV600 Powerline Adapters (HT-ND002)

These Powerline Adapters are of simple design, have "One Button" user interface, are easy to set up with proper instructions and include a "Pass Through" power outlet. 

 HooToo AV600 Powerline Adapters (HT-ND002)
(2) HooToo AV600 Powerline Adapters (HT-ND002)
(2) Ethernet Cables
(2) User Guides

However, with the two devices sitting no more than 20' apart, I couldn't get better than a 10mbps download and 5 mbps upload. This was tested using a control group across multiple devices on an advanced 60 mbps line.  The adapters work best while hooked to a switch, rather than directly to a router.

The speed test was done with 2 control devices which both showed the connection speed to be over 20mbps. The bottle-neck was the HooToo device.

And finally, HooToo wants to make AC pass through, so it will be larger.  But, the device is too wide to fit on a power strip without covering up two outlets.  Hence, this seems a moot point.

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