Fit Snack

This is our second Fit Snack monthly subscription box and just like the last time that we received it, we were and are, so pleased to have gotten it.  This one is also too fun to get, heavier than a one-handled grip, has an excellent variety to try, to sample and to enjoy, excellent brands (that you have heard of if you are already consuming healthy treats) and a drink along with vitamins and an outstanding variety of treats.

Oh, the treats!


    Fit Snack
  • (1) Purely Inspired Powdered Peanut Butter
  • (1) Tickle Water: Watermelon (BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED PRODUCT)
  • (2) Kracklin Kamut
  • (1) Pasta Chips: Rosemary (ONE OF OUR FAVORITES)
  • (1) Choco Rite Protein Bar
  • (2) Rawrev Bar: Chocolate Coconut Bliss
  • (1) BigTreeFarms Coconut Sugar
  • (1) Peoples Choice Jerky
  • (2) Smarty Pants Vitamins
  • Various Literature on Some of the Included Brands


  • (1) Dang Toasted Coconut Chips: Salted Cacao (ANOTHER ONE OF OUR FAVORITES)
  • (4) Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Fit Snack
Fit Snack To receive your thoughtfully-considered subscription box, feel free to check out the FitSnack website, as listed below.

Your Conveniently Listed Pricing Plans:

$13.00 P/M ($6 S/H) Recurring 12 month plan
$17.90 P/M ($6 S/H) Cancel Online Anytime
$16.90 P/M ($6 S/H) Recurring 3 month plan
$15.90 P/M ($6 S/H) Recurring 6 month plan

About FitSnack:

Each Fit Snack box is packed with the most delicious and healthiest products on the market.  We strive to include a diverse experience of full and sample size items that are good for you.

Every box is different - half the fun is getting the mystery box of goodies delivered to your door each month. 

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