Essential Oils Travel Bag

This is a nice travel outfit for your essential oils.  The bag arrives with the zip tabs carefully wrapped in plastic and the zips are gold, which is a nice contrast to the black bag.

Essential Oil Travel Bag It is as it purports to be.  It holds 14 bottles/vials/oils, has a zipped outer pocket and a somewhat-padded zippered pouch in the middle which will hold some type of identification, or, a picture of your janitor's, first cousin removed, uncle's cat, if you are so inclined and is an added nice touch. 

Before having first viewed this item, we wondered whether or not we would want to travel with our oils.  Then, we thought, "Why not?"  Regardless, this bag will comfortably and safely house the oils that we currently have.  This is good as our cat sometimes jumps up on the dresser and pushes them off into the floor, so that she can play with them.  Sighing...

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