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Burly Stone.com is another one of our favorite man gear outlets (online).  The company caters to men with quality products and customer service. 


    Burly Stone
  • Garcia's Beard Elixir
  • The Chef
  • The Dude

Garcia's Beard Elixir was tested by a gentleman friend as we watched him open up the bottle, rub a few drops into his palms, then apply to his beautiful face.  The aroma was like a Pine tree.  It was refreshing and woodsy.  We both liked it.  Apparently, our friend had never applied an oil-based formula to his face and we are only fairly new to the concept.  It's fine.  The oil doesn't leave you greased up for the rest of your day, much less your life.  It dissipates to leave your skin fresh and revived.

Garcia's Beard Elixir uses sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil and buckthorn oil.  To lend itself in an aromatic manner, the elixir also includes pathchouli and lavender essential oils.  These work together beautifully, in a manly way.  The item retails for $18.00 and may be purchased here.

The Chef smells incredible! All of the soaps are well-presented and list the ingredients on the front part of the label.  It is spicy is a uniquely delightful manner and the mass of colors are a delight to see.  These are not itty bitty soap bars either!  They are 4.25" X 3.25" and 1.5".  They retail for $13.00, but will last you awhile. 

However, we do offer up this one admonishment, the bars are big for chick hands.  We hold them with two hands as though we were not old enough to hold our sippy cups.  Surely, man hands are better equipped?  The Chef is available here.

The Dude is so unfairly named.  We liked it so much that we placed it into a special soap dish which leaves our john fresh and lovely smelling.  It's not fair!  Guy stuff is made better, normally costs less and lasts longer than the mighty cockroach has lasted on our disturbed planet!  We deserve that too!  But, we don't get it.  Not unless we buy guy gear.  Enough whining.  At least, this stuff is here on this planet, for sale at prices which will leave you glad that you paid them, since your items will then last for a lot longer than they would have otherwise.

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