BuddyBox via the Blurt Foundation

Self Care Week ended the 20th of this month.  Still for those who are depressed and/or otherwise mentally ill, self care is critical and it's wisest to consider such a thing.  This is the point of the Blurt Foundation, where one is free to discuss such issues without any of the negative feelings that can be associated with the mere topic of mental health. 

Ginae Says is honored to have received the following monthly subscription box from the Blurt Foundation;
BuddyBox via the Blurt Foundation
  • (2) Bear Hug Keyring RRP £6.50 (For a Single Keyring)
  • (1) Choc-O-Lait RRP £1.60
  • (1) Hedgehug Cut Out and Sew RRP £10.95
  • (1) Issue 2: Blurt Zine
  • (1) Woodland Handwarmer RRP £4.99
  • (1) Yankee "Autumn Night" Votive RRP £1.80

Your experience begins when you pull the plastic off of the box.  Gently, the aroma wafts up and envelopes you.  The BuddyBox is a gift for the sensate.  It's dubbed as, "A hug in a box."  Included was a treat, something for your hands to do and words of comfort.  It provides an uplifting experience.

Furthermore, we would be remiss if we didn't include our thoughts about the Blurt Zine.  This is a short, little booklet containing positive articles.  They make you look around and think.  It's just nice.


A Single Box is £21.50.

BuddyBox Lite can be had for £12.00.

BuddyBoxYou may purchase the BuddyBox as a single, monthly, quarterly, six-month and an annual subscription.

About the Blurt Foundation:

We are Blurt, and were dedicated to helping those with depression. We’ll help you understand depression and what it means for you.

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