T'Zikal New York

Well, it has officially happened.  Ginae Says has found another hair company for which we could just about fall in love with, if we, as a group, were to fall in love with a hair company.


    T'Zikal New York
  • (1) Deep Hydrating Shampoo (10 Fl Oz) SRP $32.00
  • (1) Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream (10 Fl Oz) SRP $34.00
  • (1) Shine-Rich Dry Oil Mist SRP $32.00

Deep Hydrating Shampoo

The shampoo is thin and not viscousy.  It doesn't lather a lot and while your hair is left with a clean aroma, the medicinal, organic essence does not stick around for long.  On a personal level, we prefer the shampoo's with a strong will which will stick around long enough to hit your pillow.  This brand doesn't.  If you like that, you're in good!

Deep Moisture Conditioning Cream

The conditioner is thick.  You have to give the tube a couple of, "Phfts" to your dotted palm.  It too has an organic/medicinal smell that we enjoy.  It's not greasy either!  That is a huge plus.  Greasy.  Ack!

Shine-Rich Dry Oil Mist
T'Zikal New York
This product is a proprietary blend of hibiscus, coconut builds, bergamot and other oils. 

T'zikal products may be purchased online.  The website is listed below.  They are also available @ Space NK

About T'zikal

Derived from the Mayan word meaning sanctified or blessed, the name T’zikal reflects the company's approach to beauty and belief in the purity of true self care.

Flawless, natural ingredients are their passion. They believe the most potent, effective beauty solutions can be found in nature and have usually been around for ages. This devotion led them to seek out and source only the highest quality ingredients in Central America, USA and Europe, beginning with the rediscovery of an ancient Honduran beauty remedy for hair and skin: ojon palm nut oil.

Revered by the Mayans for over 500 years, ojon palm nut oil is wildly rich in omega oils and other nutrients that profoundly replenish and rebuild hair, leaving it extraordinarily soft, shiny, and manageable. With this as their foundational ingredient, they ventured to the most sophisticated skincare labs, seeking to achieve a level of luxury that only modern science could provide.

The result is a collection of truly remarkable products for hair and skin. One that stays true to their cultural heritage with simple, natural, high quality ingredients – no animal testing, no parabens, no artificial colors, fragrance or dyes. And one that directly reflects our dedication to the purity and the power of simple ingredients while also pampering consumers with the most refined formulas in sleek, design-minded packaging.

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