Tuban Thigh Master

Our review begins with a missive from the seller.  Simple.  Nice.

This is a tiny thing and while I know that there are Barbie Dolls out there who might need it, I'm afraid to use it.  I'm afraid that I will get it into position, then, without thinking make a slight physical adjustment (like, what if I suddenly saw a squirrel and moved slightly as I saw it) and do a rep and put my eye out.  I don't want to get hurt.  So, I don't use it like it's supposed to be used. 

Tuban Thigh Master However, there are other ways to use it.  In fact, we are glad that the outfit came with an 8" X 10" informational sheet.  The sheet shows six different exercises.  I like the Chest Extension and the Abdomen exercises and I'm not afraid to get hurt doing these. 

I do not mean to demean the product.  It is useful.  It's just a bit small for some.

While I did receive this product for free, I received it in consideration of and for this review.  My opinions still belong to me and are not and never have been, for sale to anyone, at any time.

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