New iPad Owners: Protect Your Pride & Joy From Everything!

If you have recently joined the ranks of happy iPad owners, congratulations! Your new device is something to behold, right? But wouldn’t it be horrific if something happened to it? And let’s face it, a lot can go wrong. iPads are fine little machines and highly sought after by just about everyone. The information you hold in there is incredibly valuable, too. With this in mind, I thought I would go through a few of the best ways you can lock down your new Apple device and keep it safe from harm. Let’s get to the core of the matter right away.

New iPad Owners: Protect Your Pride & Joy From Everything!

Get a Cover

As I mentioned above, your iPad is precious - and delicate. You will need a cover, or you run the risk of cracking your screen, making a dent or damaging the delicate chips inside. The awesome news is there are plenty of choices out there. There are thick, leather bound covers that are soft to the touch. There are super thin yet super strong covers that absorb shocks. And there are chunky, heavy-duty cases for those that get out and about or do a lot of field work. Take your time to look around and find the right cover for your needs.  

Get a Screen Protector

Once your iPad starts getting used, you will scratch it unless you have a screen protector. Apple glass is scratch resistant, of course, but it is not impervious. Again, there hundreds - if not thousands - to choose from. However, when you apply your screen protector, it takes a steady hand and nerves of steel! The slightest wrong move can mean trapped dirt between the screen and protector, or air bubbles.

Never, Ever Drink or Eat Near Your iPad

I have so many friends that love curling up to watch a movie with a drink, but their iPads have ended up ruined. It’s just too easy to spill liquid, and Murphy’s Law pretty much guarantees it will happen when you are using your device. A splatter or two of liquid isn’t going to do much damage. But if you tip a whole glass of water - or soda - there could be trouble ahead. If it does happen, your best bet is to fill a large container with uncooked rice. Leave the iPad in there for a couple of days, and hopefully, the rice will draw out the liquid naturally.

Keep it Close

If you use your iPad out and about, be aware you will be a target for thieves. Keep it near you at all times, and make sure it is well hidden in your bag when you are walking about. It’s also worth setting up some basic iPad security so you can track it if it goes missing. But never follow up the signal yourself - it's just too dangerous. Always contact the police.

Change Your Password Settings

What happens if the worst happens and someone does steal your iPad? Your best bet is to use the inbuilt security password - but you’ll need to change the settings. Switch off the ‘Simple Passcode’ setting, and you will have to enter an alphanumeric passcode. You should also turn on the ‘Erase Data’ function so that you can remotely wipe your iPad if it falls into the wrong hands.

So there you have it - the basics of protecting your iPad. Let us know if you have any more tips!


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