Keep Up With The Latest Movies Without Spending A Fortune

If you’re a movie lover, you know that there is no better feeling that going to the movies to watch the latest blockbusters. However, movie theaters continue to increase the prices of their admissions and snacks aren’t getting any cheaper either. This has made this once affordable form of entertainment something that is too expensive for many. If you enjoy keeping up to date with the latest movies, this can put you in a difficult situation. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Assassin's Creed and Passengers are just a handful of soon to be released blockbusters. But if you can’t afford a ticket, you could miss out on seeing them on the big screen. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make your trips to the movies more affordable and budget friendly.

Use your phone

Your smartphone can be used in multiple ways to help you save money. You can download free apps such as Dealflicks which provide discounted tickets in theaters across the country. Some also allow you to book tickets in advance at a significantly discounted rate. Movie review apps like IMDB can also prevent you from wasting money on films you won’t enjoy. You can also download apps that allow you to watch all kinds of movies on your phone or tablet. This is ideal if you’ve missed out on seeing certain movies when they were in theaters. Head to your app store to find out which are the best free movie apps for Android or iOS.

Choose the day and time carefully

The majority of people visit movie theaters during the evenings and weekends. But this can increase the price of their tickets considerably. Movie theaters will often increase the price of their tickets during these busy periods. Some will also boost their prices on the day that a highly anticipated movie is released. So it can be beneficial to avoid the crowds and be patient. Rather than seeing the movie on the day of it’s release, wait for a week or so. By then the ticket prices should have decreased. This will allow you to see the biggest movies for a lot less. You should also try to go to the movies during their off-peak times. The cheapest times to see a movie is usually in the afternoons during the mid-week period. Check with your local theater to compare ticket prices.

Bring your own food and drink

The simplest way to save money on your movie snacks is by bringing it from home. You can make your own popcorn or buy bags of candy from grocery stores, rather than paying the inflated price at the theater. However, it is important to remember that some movie theaters do not allow you to bring your own snacks. In which case, it might be worthwhile to see what food deals you can take advantage of instead. Many theaters offer discounts on family or kids snack boxes, which could give you more for less.

Use these hacks next time you go to the movies to ensure you don’t miss out on any of this year’s biggest blockbusters.


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