Every Skincare Lover Needs To Try These Beauty Staples

As with most things, skincare goes through trends each year. One minute a particular product is an absolute must-have, only to be replaced by something else a few weeks later. This can make it difficult for consumers to know what they should be buying and using for the best results. However, some beauty products continue to receive praise long after their first release. These are valuable items to have in your skincare regime as they stand the test of time and give you fabulous skin to boot. So rather than always buying the current hottest skincare, invest in these timeless beauty staples instead.

Lush Cosmetics Ocean Salt Scrub

Exfoliation is an integral part of any skincare regime. So you need to use a product that gives you an invigorating clean feeling. While Lush has countless exfoliating products on offer, none are more effective that their Ocean Salt Scrub. This mineralized product is fantastic for removing dead skin cells from both your face and body. The unique combination of seaweed, coconut and avocado make the scrub intense but also kind to your skin. Whether you want to deal with a blackhead breakout or rediscover your natural glow this product can be used in numerous ways. You can buy this product in store or from the Lush Cosmetics website for $36. Even though it might seem a bit steep, the results you’ll get will make it a worthwhile expense.

Son & Park Beauty Water

If you love products that have multiple functions, then Son & Park’s beauty water should be top of your skincare list. Created with predominantly natural ingredients, the spray can be a moisturizer, exfoliant, and toner. The Son & Park brand was created by celebrity makeup artists and their ethos focuses on natural beauty. The product reflects this perfectly with it’s water-like appearance and light texture. It continues to be one of the brand’s best-selling products due to it’s multi-tasking abilities. You can use it to rejuvenate your skin and keep it hydrated while also using it to create a base for your makeup. You’ll feel like you’ve spent hours in a fabulous skin spa after one quick spritz. But in reality, you haven’t left your makeup table. This product is suitable for all skin type and can be bought online for around $30.

Avon Moisture Effect Lotion

Avon is a skincare brand that consumers have come to trust. Not only for their excellent range of products but for their affordable prices too. Their Moisture effect lotion has become a key essential that all beauty aficionados should use. It’s primary use is a gentle eye makeup remover, which is strong enough to remove even the most intense makeup. It’s moisturizing properties can also provide hydration to your sensitive eye area. This can prevent premature aging, while also keeping your skin and lashes in tip-top condition. You don’t need to continue using numerous creams and serums because this product does it all. Suitable for everyday use, it’s lightweight formula is also non-greasy and dermatologically tested. At a respectable $6, it also won’t break your budget.

Now you know what staples you should be buying, shopping for skin care products should be more straightforward.


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