Craft Beer Menu Monday: Lonerider

Lonerider wears an air of mystery the way others wear cheap cologne.

Yech.  Cheap cologne.  But, we digress.

Lonerider has a nice, western theme for their business and beverages.  It's delightful. Their products are well-thought out and well-designed. 


  • (1) Addie's Revenge India Pale Ale (ABV: 6.6%) AWARD/PIC
  • (1) Hoppy Ki Yay India Pale Ale (ABV: 6.6%) AWARD/PIC
  • (1) Saloon Style Pilsner Pale Lager (ABV: 4.2%) No awards yet but it's new and has not been submitted to any competitions yet 
  • (2) Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen Ale (ABV: 5.8%)  AWARD/PIC
  • (1) Sweet Josie Brown Ale (ABV: 6.1%)  AWARD
  • (4) Beer Can Koozies

Hoppy Ki YayAddie's Revenge India Pale Ale is your typical IPA.  It has a strangely sweet nose and that typical IPA trait of bitter.  It's full-bodied and delightful.

Hoppy Ki Yay smells strongly of hops.  The taste is the same.  Packs a punch.

Shotgun BettySaloon Style Pilsner is somewhat complex.  The only discernible aspect of the nose and the palate is olive.  It's very subtle though.  Nice!

Sweet Josie Brown AleShotgun Betty is an award-winning brew with a malty, olive nose and an olive palate.  As is the old beer norm, it is perfect with pizza.  Oh, man!

Sweet Josie Brown Ale has a wonderful, toasty nose.  The palate is primarily of an IPA.  But, its slightly bitterness is balanced with a slightly nutty aftertaste.

About Lonerider:

Lonerider opened its doors in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 23rd, 2009 with a beer and a dream.  Today, Lonerider is distributed in six states and is counted amongst top 150 breweries in USA. An Inc. 5000 and CED Top 25 winner, with an eye for quality, Lonerider crafted each of its beers with the highest quality ingredients. As a result Lonerider has a portfolio of award winning beers, including medals from the Great American Beer Festival.

Kegs and cases may be ordered online.  That form.  Is here.

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