Chipex: Giveaway and Review

The sum of our experiences with Chipex has been wonderful.  Ordering our items was relatively easy, considering that the company does all that a company can do to ensure that you receive the correct color for your vehicle.  Even if you can't exactly figure out which color to get, the company goes a step further with their, "100% Color Match Guarantee ."  That alone is pretty impressive.

Further, the instructions are well laid-out and easy to follow.  If you simply look at all that you are sent when purchasing the two received items, it's easy to quickly become overwhelmed.  However, that is easily remedied. 

Simply look at the instructions and focus on each individual step.  It's not hard.  And the results are pleasing.

  • (1) Chipex Road Rash Kit SRP $59.99
  • (1) Hydrophobic Aquaphobic SRP $19.99

The Giveaway:

Currently, Chipex is hosting a giveaway.  It will run through the 3rd of November and is open to US & Canada and Europe only. The winner will be able to order up to $80.00 worth of Chipex products on the website. When the giveaway runs out they will announce the winner on the widget and contact the winner.

Win a Chipex Bundle #14  
About Chipex:

Chipex® was launched in 2009 so as to provide a fast, very effective and safe solution for the home user to repair paint damage to vehicles to a high standard, without the time and expense of going to a body shop.

The main objective was to make a product that gave both a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch up paints and additionally was easy for the DIY novice to use.

Following its launch Chipex® has supplied thousands of kits worldwide to both retail and trade customers and is now proud to have received TUV Certification on the products effectiveness and ease of use.

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