Amy & Brian

We like Amy & Brian because they espouse the beliefs on which we have built up and continually foster, here at Ginae Says.  Simplicity.  Truth.  Good for you!

There are other positive aspects to Amy & Brian.  However, we align our focus with their focus to pull in our similarities.  We like the other aspects too.  Family.  Longevity.  Integrity. 

We have had enough of the different coconut water brands now to know who is good and who is just, well, not good.  We have since realized that those who proclaim to be 100% natural are.  They taste the best too!  We like these big ol' cans too!

Amy & BrianReceived:

  • (2) 17.5 Fl Oz Original
  • (1) 17.5 Fl Oz With Cinnamon
  • (1) 17.5 Fl Oz With Grape
  • (1) 17.5 Fl Oz With Pulp

We liked these.  Our favorite were the ones with pulp.  We might advise that the pulp not be cubed into tiny squares.  Why not throw in bigger pieces?  Well, not so big that they are stuck in the can forever.  But, bigger.

Amy & Brian products may be purchased on Amazon.  The link is below.  There are links from the corporate website.  However, most of those do not work.

About Amy & Brian:

Whether you are going all-out for a better speed skating Olympic record, beating your own Ironman time, making awesome Reggae music, playing hard for the basketball conference championship, becoming America's favorite MMA fighter, or just looking for a healthy way to stay hydrated and healthy, Amy & Brian are here to help you Be Better.

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