5 Pc Silicone Kitchen Set

Our review begins with a missive from the seller.  The message included a tracking number, which is always nice.  Convenient.  We liked the peppy tone of the email.

5 Pc Silicone Kitchen Set Up for your perusal is is a colorful set of kitchen utensils comprised of a sturdy silicone.  One of the really cool aspects of all of the crazy and fun colors that are showing up in kitchens and drawers across America these days is that you are free to lose one, or have the dog carry it off and you can still match the item that would otherwise, be missing color-wise. 

These are sturdier than most and do not pick up stains.  I knew that it wasn't just my imagination when I showed the set to one of our reviewers and she flipped out.  "I've been needing a meat brush."  Well, here's one.  She also liked the vibrant colors and the sturdiness of the tools. 

Included with the set is a meat and/or pastry brush, an edge-rounded spatula, a big spoon and two pot holders.  The pot holders alone are good to have.  All of those old cloth ones will burn, will wear and will soon look like something that you wish the dog would carry away!

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