Villain 20000mAh Portable Charger

he first thing that I do upon receiving a charger for review is charge it up.  So, I've had this thing plugged up since 3:00.  It is now 7:00 and it's only 67% charged.  That's rather slow.

Villain 20000mAh Portable Charger This munster is heavy too.  Yes, it has two ports.  Sweet.  Yes, it is physically beautiful.  The attention shown to the design of this charger is amazing.  Incredible.

After that, I charged my dead mobile phone.  Interesting to note is that the charger didn't note the status of my phone.  No.  It noted its own status as 100% ready to charge.

But, my phone charged completely in two hours!  So, we are not sure how to feel about the Villian. 

The flashlight was easy to work.  Simply double click the power button to turn on.  Do the same to turn it off.

But, heavy.  And, slow to fill up.  But, does a speedy charge.

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