Posh Party With Amber Henry

Posh Party began in October of 2011.  The company is founded on the principles of fun, energy, respect, creativity, honesty, innovation and passion.  Product is made right here, in the U.S.A. handled/sold via Independent Consultants.  Think Mary Kay, sans the Pink Cadillac's. 

The Posh Party product line includes delightful bar soaps, lip and body scrubs, bath salts, moisturizers and cleansers.  Plus.  Well, more!  They have man stuff too.

Posh Party Our personal representative is Amber Henry.  We have dealt with her for nary a few months now.  However, we've dealt with her long enough to know that she's quality.

For the purposes of our review, we tried the Skin Joy Girl Crush, which is a shea butter body cream.  We like the design of all of the products.  This consists of vivid coloring with a nice array of fonts for an over-all simplistic, clean look.

The cream itself is of luxurious aroma.  Joyful, even.  However, it's not good on our hands, as we don't like that overly moisturized feeling.  The remote control just slips from our grip.  But, it's outstanding on ashy arms, legs and elsewhere.

Henry may be reached from the company website, as listed below.  She will righteously hook a sistah help.  She's helpful like that!

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