Photographs From the Edge: A Master Photographer's Insights on Capturing an Extraordinary World

Even after a two-year stint of gallery guarding, we have never viewed a book like this before.  It's not just a compendium of images.  It's not a collection from a single event.  It's so much more!

Photographs From the EdgeOne of the unique aspects of Photographs From the Edge, is that the images are accompanied by a tale.  What was happening, where Wolfe was at the time, camera settings and what he was thinking.  It's also a how-to.  This is odd for incredible photographer's.  Usually, they guard this type of information with a steel clasp level of security.  Not Wolfe.

Therein lies the essence of this book.  Confidence.  Excellence.  Beauty.

Published by Amphoto Books
Sep 20, 2016
288 Pages
7-7/16 x 10
ISBN 9781607747819

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