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If there's an overall theme which strikes from askance about the Jackson brand it's how different all of these are from any other snack brand that we've ever experienced.  It seems that most other companies either wish to set us on fire with overly-disbursed bits of whole peppers or freak us out at the unseemly varieties that are for sale.

Why in the world would we try a brand of chips under the brand name, "Burnt Rubber?"


    Jackson's Honest
  • (1) Barbeque Potato Chips (1.2 Oz) SRP 1.19 per 36 count container
  • (1) Blue Corn Sea Salt Tortilla Chips (10 Oz) SRP $5.99 per 4 count container
  • (1) Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (1.2 Oz) SRP 1.19 per 36 count container
Jackson's HonestBarbeque Potato Chips

These are unique for barbeque flavored chips.  They have a mild spiciness that is addicting.  In a world that is inundated with snacks, sugar, salt and errant locomotive's, it's good to know that someone out there knows how to use some of these ingredient's to actually please us.

Blue Corn Sea Salt Tortilla Chips

The tortilla chips are somewhat odd in a good way.  They have a slight sweetness to them that will have you swallowing the whole bag if you're not careful.  They're subtle though.  Sneaky!

Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

These also have a slightly sweet essence to them.  It really takes the edge off of the fact that you are eating the saltiest of salty.  If these were readily available in our area, it could get ugly for anyone getting in our way.  Just sayin'.
Jackson's Honest
About Jackson's Honest:

Every Jackson’s Honest product includes the statement: “Goodness. Pass It On.” and we want you to know that simple sentence has deep meaning to us. It captures the very essence of what we are trying to achieve with Jackson’s Honest products and Jackson’s Honest Charitable Foundation: provide snacks (that you’ll want to share!) made with traditional fats and also always be open to sharing important information about the role these traditional fats can play in our family’s diet and the role they’ve played for thousands of years in the food chain.

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