I love you to moon and back necklace, 18"

When I first saw this necklace, I liked it because of the message on it.  It's something that I heard a lot when I was a child.  But, when I received it in a simple package with a handwritten note on an attached tag, I really liked it.  It just popped.
I love you to moon and back necklace, 18"
I like the antique look of it too.

There is a flat insert which is wrapped in plastic and contains this piece.  That insert has care tips on the back of it.  This is nice. 

The details have been well-attended to.  The necklace itself is long enough so that you don't have to hold an itty bitty piece of metal in hand and do three doggy turns to try and get it to attach.  That's such a hassle.  Actually, though, this is only if you are a young lady.  For adults, you do have to do the canine Hussle to snap it together.  But, it's not as bad to do as some are.

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