Five Low-Cost Alternatives to the iPhone 7

By now, you surely know that the iPhone 7 has made its way into the public eye, but you’re going to have to fork out some serious bucks if you want to get your hands on it. We love to focus on reviews, but we’re not about to go splashing the cash on this new gadget anytime soon. Instead, we want to take this moment to look at a few low-cost alternatives. These are still excellent smartphones, but they won’t cost you as much money at this point in time.
iPhone 7

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 iPhone 5C/6S

You’ve got two different choices here depending on how much you want to spend. From new, the iPhone 6S is still an expensive choice, but it’s going to drop in price considerably from now on. It offers some fantastic features across the board. You might struggle to get the iPhone 5C from new anymore, but it’s great if you can. Otherwise, get a used one that doesn’t need too many iPhone fixes before it’s in perfect working order. It’s cheap, cheerful and gives you a range of great features.  

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

If you want to look at the Samsung Galaxy range of phones, you’ll be blessed with choice. We’re focusing on a somewhat bizarre option here, but a great one. You’ll really drop the price if you opt for the S5 Neo, which is a slightly downgraded alternative to the S5. Don’t let that put you off. It’s still packed with loads of power, storage, and some seriously impressive battery life.  

HTC 10

We’re back to the top-range smartphones now, where the HTC 10 is a powerful choice. It’s an expensive phone, but it won’t put you out of pocket compared to the iPhone 7. The audio quality on this device is simply incredible, making it a must-purchase for audiophiles. It’s also packed with an excellent camera, and lots of additional features under the hood.  

Huawei P9

Again, this is one of the top of the range phones on the market, but it’s priced more competitively than the iPhone 7. That’s particularly the case if you’re willing to go for the cheapest model. It’s packed with a superb camera, a great fingerprint scanner and good performance all around. There aren’t many downsides to mention, making this a great alternative to Apple’s powerhouse.  

Motorola Moto G4
But, maybe you don’t want to spend masses of money on something like the HTC 10. All you want is a smartphone with basic features for a low price. That’s where the Motorola Moto G4 comes in. It’s priced much lower than most of the phones on this list, but it doesn’t lack quality. It has got a brilliant HD display and packs a lot of power underneath its shelling. You lose features like a fingerprint scanner and NFC, but do you really mind at this price?

We don’t want to tempt you away from the allure of the iPhone 7. We know it’s popular for a reason! That stated, those who are are struggling for funds might just find a better alternative.


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