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On the norm, we are not one to join affiliate programs or reward outfits with a sign up here, creating a password there.  It's just not our thing.  In fact, we really do not enjoy the fact that we tend to require hundreds of passwords at any given moment in time.  However, one has to make allowances for things in life that are good, edifying, create segues to an incredible land where a myriad of items are free, and/or pleasurable and that's exactly what we've done.  It's called Dealspotr.

It was an otherwise mundane web stint.  It was evening time, we had just finished dinner and we were so tired.  Then, it appeared before us. 

Dealing on Dealspotr We saw an advertisement on a blogger's forum and were intrigued.  We then Googled, "Dealspotr," and read so many others praising its awesomeness.  We were sold.  We signed up without looking back and have been locating deals, getting referrals and spending our future Amazon Gift Certificate cards in our heads.  Yeah, we don't mind that last part.  Not at all.

It wasn't easy at first.  We had to think about how we were going to find those deals.  But, we're smart.  For a week or so, we did nothing on the site, other than watch the deals as posted by others.  We also selected those deals which, we thought would
go nuts. We're doing pretty well at that.  We've been upped from an initial six or seven points (we think - memory isn't our thing either) to 15 points per day.  Dealspotr doesn't dole those points out like so many colorful Easter eggs in a careless basket.  This provides another means for acquiring points which, count towards those coveted and aforementioned Amazon cards. 

It didn't take long to acquire our first 10,000 points.  It sounds vigorously daunting, like locating the golden egg.  It's really not.  In fact, we acquired an additional 5,000 points (as did our referrer) just for successfully applying for Silver status (Verified Influencer).  We won't shake that all up in your grill, do any fancy dances or fan ourselves with twenties while complaining about the space that they take up in our little, black church purses.  We enjoy our Dealspotr endeavors and share as inspiration to others. 

There is so much that we still do not know.  There are some intricate details.  For instance, the first time that we entered a deal, we went re-all-y slo-w and thought about each step and what we were doing.  Granted, you are free to edit those details at a later time and we have done just that.  But, you do not want to spend too much time editing as there can be short chasms between being the first person to enter that deal and just, flat out, being too late to enter that deal.  We are still somewhat new.  

But, we are still intrigued and picking up some speed in the deal entry aspect of business.  If you too are intrigued, we urge you to explore the possibilities that lie before you.  The link for doing just that is below. 

How's that for jumping right to the point?  Yeah, we're good like that.  We will share a hook-up with you.  Just like that.

And, really, why not?  Do you already spend a significant amount of time online?  Are your mouse pad, wrist rest and keyboard terribly worn out?  Do you love all that is available for free at Amazon?  Are you an opportunist but, in denial about it?

That's what we thought.

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