Cosmos Creations

We are so bored with snacks that are currently out there.  In fact, we are so jaded in this area that we just know that everything we like to eat and drink, we've already tried it.  Negative, huh? 

Then, along comes Cosmos Creations.
Cosmos Creations
Meh, we thought.

And, we were wrong.

When the company representative asked us what we would like to try, we must have known deep inside that it didn't suck.  We eagerly chose a couple of flavors that intrigued us the most.

Cosmos CreationsHowever, getting the packages open is another deal.  But, here's how to handle it.  There is a hole at the top of every bag.  Simply work that hole with scissors, or, a pen until it's bigger.  Once it rips, you are free to open up the bag.  Be careful, lest you lose those precious bits of goodness onto the floor.


(2) Cheddar and Pepper - 7 Oz SRP $3.99 Per Package
(6) Cheddar and Pepper - 1 Oz SRP $1.49 Per Package
(2) Coconut Crunch - 6.5 Oz SRP $3.99 Per Package
(6) Coconut Crunch - 1.25 Oz SRP $1.49 Per Package  


We are so smart sometimes.  Yes.  Sometimes, we have to sit back and appreciate our own intellect.  These two flavors are spectacular.  The Cheddar and Pepper will sate your desire for salt.  So, feel uninhibited to grab a bag of these instead of those stank old chips that have been sitting in an open bag for the past week. 


The Cheddar and Pepper are a slight bite of heat. However, this dissipates quickly enough for those of us who would like, ...a single jalapeno slice in the middle, please.  The flavors dance eloquently on the palate, as you eye the bag in contemplation of your next piece.

Yes, there's a few more in there.

Cosmos Creations
The Coconut Crunch is the sweets pleaser.  It's perfectly delightful without leaving that, ...last corner of double-chocolate with chocolate coated, chocolate frosting with double-chocolate, chocolate bits cake in the mouth feel.  Perfect.

Man, you would have thought that we were paid for this review.  We were not.  Try 'em.  Then, you too will wonder if you were paid to love them.  Mmm mmmm. 

They are in fact, available for purchase at the website listed below.  You have to buy them in cartons.  You will be glad for this once you've done it.

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