2 Hand Gripper Set

My review begins with a missive from the seller.  Short.  Nice.

I've never owned a hand gripper before and was curious about them. 

2 Hand Gripper Set This one is adjustable with a black, turn knob and even on the most relaxed setting, it's still difficult, even for one who once worked her arms pretty good at the local gym. 

The gripper is of attractive design and relatively easy to use.  The wrist band seems like a smart addition.  I've never seen these offered before.  Silly as this may sound, it does make you feel more powerful to use the bands. 

Now that I've done some Internet research, I am glad to have these, as they will improve muscle tone in your hands, wrists and arms.  These provide a simple way to work these muscle groups, as you sit on the 'Net.


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