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Wee Alphas is a book of twenty-six alphabetic postcards for your pre reader (2-5 years).  Simply unfold and detach.  Send to a friend.

Or, don't.

Hidden within each letter is an animal.  But, you have to think about what you're looking at.  We had to think about it!  But, just a little...really...

The design of the postcards is well done.  They are simplistically attractive.  If you were having a theme party for a young child, these would make excellent invitations.  Conversely, they would also make for an excellent gift if your child were the attendee at such a party.  Or, even an activity for such a party.

However, with benefit of a party, the postcards are also an excellent learning tool.  For those of us who are well-past are young-child-party-prime, but, still are fascinated with numbers and letters, we like them too.
Wee Alphas

Wee Alphas retails for $12.99.

About Wee Society:

WEE SOCIETY is an award-winning creative studio that believes you’re never too young to develop an eye for design. They aim to spark kids’ imaginations, leading to big bright explosions of creativity. And they’re pretty sure uncontrollable giggles make the world better. With this in mind, Wee Society has created kids’ apps (available in the App Store), books, art prints, toys and still-secret stuff. Their work has been honored by the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Webby Awards and other nice folks.

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