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We like them all.  We are especially fond of the mixes (Shield and Zen), as sometimes, we do not care for the aromas which accompany those mixes.  We cannot it help.  We are extremely picky. 
This is not the first time that we have dealt with Spark Naturals.  This is our second and it's always a wonderful process!  The employee with whom we deal with is generous, patient and thoughtful.  He also whips out the merchandise pretty quick!

We asked for three small bottles of essential oils and he promised those, plus two salves.  Then, when we received the package (like, two days later), he had added another two bottles.  Seriously, we cannot state enough good things about Spark Naturals. 

Also, considering the time of year, the company offers a back to school kit.


    Spark Naturals
  • (1) 5ml Bergamot
  • (1) 5ml Birch
  • (1) 5ml Cedarwood 
  • (1) 5ml Shield
  • (1) 5ml Zen
  • (1) 40ml Restore Healing Salve
  • (1) 40ml Dream Sleep Salve

Then, we come to the products.

Bergamot: Rich.  Full-bodied.  Sweet.
Birch: Smells like bark.  Earthy. 
Cedarwood: Rich.  Earthy.  Realistic.
Shield: Sweet.  Smells like candy.
Zen: Citrus.  Earthy.  Slightly floral.

However, that is not the case here.  The mixes are as carefully constructed and thought out, as is customer service.  In fact, we are always left in a state of gratitude.

Spark Naturals products may be purchased from their website, as listed below.

About Spark Naturals:
Spark Naturals
In a growing world of hormone injected products, overuse of pesticides on plants and crops, and a prescription drug available for nearly any symptom, don’t you want a luxury product intelligently priced that has withstood the test of time?

Now we’re not talking about a 6-month lab study with a sample group of 100 people, but real products that are pure, clean, and unchanged for thousands of years. Well, that is what Spark Naturals is all about. Many people and cultures have used Essential Oils for thousands of years, they are not new! Ancient healers and caretakers used the pure essential part of plants, trees and vegetation to help with stomach ailments to sleep apnea and everything in between. Essential oils are time tested; their applications and benefits in massage, aromatic and therapeutic uses are clear and documented.

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