Hero 36 Piece Watercolor Colored Pencils

My review begins with a missive from the seller.  Easy to do.  Nice touch.

Hero 36 Piece Watercolor Colored Pencils These are just beautiful.  They arrive in an attractive tin.  So, they are well-protected.  However, the lid pops open unless you place two rubber bands around it. 

The colors are incredible.  I am satisfied with the included hues.  Also enclosed is a small, short-haired brush to assist with your artistic endeavors.  I didn't love the brush though.  It is simply too cheap.  Some of the bristles fell out.  Sometimes, it was too fat for what I wanted and it was too slip at other times, for what I wanted. 

I really like this set.  They're just beautiful.  But, the brush?  Meh.

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