Headphone Stand

I have been looking for just such a thing for some time now.  No big whoop.  Just something that would hold my headphones when they are not in use.  I would much rather hang my sensitive headphones, with attached microphone on a stand, such as this, rather than throw them into a sloppy drawer, which, is where they are currently at.

Headphone Stand The stand is a simple to put-together, black stand.  Realistically, it would be able to lift up so that I could leave the microphone in a relaxed position.  It's not a deal killer though.  It still is better than throwing my 'phones into sloppy drawer.  Retrieve the 'phones is another not-so-special thing.  I'm careful.  But, ugh...I don't want for anything to pull on the cable as I do so, for fear that my clear connection could develop unnecessary hisses, voice-outs and other audio unpleasantnesses.

For now, I am quite pleased.

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