Craft Beer Menu Monday: Fort Collins Brewery

Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) is a 2015 Great American Beer Festival, Gold Medal Winner for Oktoberfest in the Dortmunder/German-Style Oktoberfest category.  We had the personal pleasure of trying this brew and just like the other FCB brews that we've tried, we really like it.  It's just smooth and slightly sweet.

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Fort Collins Brewery
With the release of Oktoberfest, we're paying homage to our roots and our passion for brewing German styles.


  • (1) Oktoberfest-12 Proof (12 Oz)

Oktoberfest smells of a slightly yeasty, roasted pumpkin.  However, the taste is of a rounded and malted chocolate.  It's a beautiful palate. 

Oktoberfest is comprised of all-German ingredients.  It has a white head with a brilliant orange and light copper hue.  Pairs well with grilled bratwurst and coconut flan. 

About FCB and Modern Tavern:

Fort Collins Brewery and Tavern is a family-owned, handcrafted microbrewery and full service tavern in Northern Colorado, established in 2003.  FCB offers an outstanding lineup of 50 ales and lagers that can be found on tap as well as in bottles throughout the U.S. 

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