Craft Beer Menu Monday: Evans Brewing Company

Evans Brewing Company is Orange County's oldest craft breweries and began in 1994.  The first beers began flowing in February of the next year.  There was a name and ownership changed.  However, it was actually a tremendous fire in September of 2014 from which, a big negative was turned into a positive.

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Evans Brewing Company
At this time, Evan Rapport (Brewery Operations Manager turned President), re-did some of the business aspects of the brewery and secured newer and better machines.  This new beginning was just what Evans Brewing Company needed to become who and what they are. 

The company has been growing ever since, along with their beer portfolio.  All we know is that the brews which, we were sent, well, they are awesome!  If you live in one of the seven covered states (as listed below), you may wish to try any or all of these on International IPA Beer Day (August 7th).
Craft Beer Menu Monday: Evans Brewing Company


  • (1) Chocolatte Chocolate Porter
  • (1) Oaklore Brown Ale
  • (1) Pollen Nation Honey Blonde Ale
  • (1) The KrHOPen IPA
All of these beverages have well-designed bottles and are outstanding on the palate.

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Evans Brewing Company
Chocolatte Porter smells of chocolate and a sweet latte.  It tastes of a robust, chocolate latte.  It's the perfect combination!
Craft Beer Menu Monday: Evans Brewing Company
Oaklore Brown Ale has a slight hopsy aroma.  But, it tastes slightly sweet.  Sturdy.  But, gentle.

Pollen Nation Blonde Ale has a light, sunny, even festive smell.  Joyful.  It's slightly hopsy. The taste is quite delightful. 

The KrHOPen has that typical IPA essence.  However, there is also an earthy aroma.  It's not as rough and tumble as most IPA's.

As for now, the fine Evans Brewing Company product line are only available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

About Evans Brewing Company:

Evans Evans Brewing Company Inc., through its subsidiary, Bayhawk Ales, Inc., produces and sells craft beer in the United States. It offers a range of ales and lagers under the Hail to Rock name. Evans Brewing Company Inc. distributes its products to restaurants and other retail outlets in 6 states. The company was formerly known as Alpine 3 Inc. and changed its name to Evans Brewing Company Inc. in May 2014. Evans Brewing Company Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Santa Ana, California.

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