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All of Coco Libre's products are made in the U.S.  They have Organic Coconut Water for a foundation for the products.  They also have no added sugar, are certified USDA organic, OU kosher, gluten free and non-GMO Project Verified.  We like that.  However, if we do not care for the taste of the product, well then, we could not care less about the product.  Period.

Coco Libre

However, this is not the case here.  We did encounter a great degree of skepticism when approaching our reviewers for a taste test.  Four of us made the mistake of consuming a hot Original beverage.  We liked it anyway.  But, we will not make that mistake again.  Cool first.  Sip at leisure - later.

Received From the Reset Line:

  • (1) 12-Pack (15-Ounce Cans) of Organic Coconut Water (Essential Line)
  • (1) 12-Pack (12-Ounce Cans) of Sparkling Organic Coconut Water - Coconut
  • (1) 12-Pack (12-Ounce Cans) of Sparkling Organic Coconut Water - Cucumber & Lemongrass
  • (1) 12-Pack (12-Ounce Cans) of Sparkling Organic Coconut Water - Grapefruit
  • (1) 12-Pack (12-Ounce Cans) of Sparkling Organic Coconut Water - Lemon & Ginger 

Coco LibreAs a society, we need to push ourselves in terms of what we like and what we don't.  For example, we recently discovered that tomato's and broccoli are pretty good under certain circumstances.  How could we know until we tried them?

Of all of us, four loved the Original.  Two of the four loved the Grapefruit and three enjoyed the Cucumber & Lemongrass and Lemon & Ginger.  One person stated that all of the flavors made her tummy sick.  There were two other people who would not try any of them, based on the sum of our group experience.

We know, it sounds confusing and it is.  We did it this way because there isn't much that this writer likes.  We have a persnickety palate and cannot help it.  We tried them all.  We loved the Original Coconut.  But, that was all. 


The Original coconut may be purchased from the website listed below, excepting Lemon & Ginger,
which, is a Whole Foods exclusive.  The others are available at all Whole Foods Nationwide
and Costco.  Go ahead.  Push the envelope.

About Coco Libre:

Coco Libre’s flagship Organic Coconut Water is the nutritional foundation for a growing family of purposeful beverages. Coco Libre is a 2015 NCW Eco-Excellence Award winner and a finalist for Best New Product Line Extension at the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2014. Coco Libre beverages, made in the U.S.A., are available in grocery, natural, specialty and online retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

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