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Considering the sum of our experiences in the education world, we have never had to fill a dorm room, on top of other tasks just preparing for school.  However, our junior college days were similar.  We had to know where our classes were, which classes we could do without and that we had all of our books, test sheets and other supplies.  It was a real hassle.

However, as is typical with most online situations, you can make some of this easier on yourself.  You need only know where to go, what to buy and how painlessly you can get it.  That's it.

Back to School 'View for Dorm Co
(1) Microfiber Dorm Rug - Steele Gray $22.58
(1) Handwritten Note

Microfiber Dorm Rug

We are incredibly impressed with this rug.  We've been looking for one and couldn't find one that wasn't richly expensive or even affordable sans the ugly.  This one is beautiful and it's soft like a towel that's been through the fabric softener cycle.  It seems odd to enjoy the tactility of a rug so much. 

The underside of the rug is patterned with small, raised bumps for gription.  That's right.  We made up a word.  It's a free country.

The color is beautiful too.  You have four sizes to choose from and other vividly bright colors too.  We were not sure if we truly wanted the gray or the pink.  Then, we thought about the cats and thought;

Back to School 'View for Dorm CoYeah.  We should get the gray.

So, we did.

The rug arrived quickly and dealing with the company was a really pleasant experience too. 

Should you be going back to school and have a dorm room to fill, we highly recommend DormCo.  Should you be in the market for a rug, we recommend the same.  Should you concurrently have both needs, we know where you can go to get hooked up. 

As for the handwritten note.  We just like that.  It takes so little to impress the press.

About DormCo (College Dorm Supplies Superstore):

Back to School 'View for Dorm Co Dorm Co is your one stop shop for everything for your College Dorm Room. With the focus on college tuition and textbooks, you don't want your dorm supplies to cost you an arm and a leg, so DormCo offers the widest selection of dorm essentials at the lowest prices. We understand all it takes to prepare for heading off to college, leaving mom and dad, and arriving on an exciting, yet unknown college campus. Setting up your college dorm room should be a fun and enjoyable process and by shopping at DormCo you can be confident that you have everything you need for college life.

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