A Kitchen Box

A Kitchen Box (AKB) is a company founded by friends Ang and Brooke for home cooks and foodies.  It's a fun package which, encourages the non-chef's amongst us to get in there and start cooking.  The company also donates to the Children of Kenya with every purchase. 

Positivity all the way around.


  • (1) Cotton Waffle Weave Dish Cloth
  • (1) Pair of Bamboo Salad Hands
  • (1) Tater Mate Potato Brush by Full Circle
  • (1) White Wine Vinegar Infused with Chive Blossom by 3 Bird
  • (1) Art Postcard: Eat Seasonal.  Eat Green.
  • (1) How to Make Infused Vinegar & Vinaigrette 101
  • (1) Recipe for French Potato and Asparagus Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette
  • (1) Music Download: Drive-By Truckers: Pauline Hawkins

This is a tidy, little package of fun!  Unique.  Thoughtful.

The idea of and for a kitchen box provides a broad tapestry of topics.  AKB can do it anyway they like.  We particularly liked this one as we are a verified freak show about vinaigrette's, even though we do not know a whole lot about them.  Having the opportunity to simply taste one without buying a family-sized keg of salad dressing was a treat.  In fact, we would like to see such a box.  A box of salad dressing samples. 

AKB, are you listening?

We like the product offered.  Perhaps, AKB could do an off-shoot box of the aforementioned samples?  It's a thought.

A Kitchen Box subscription is attainable at $30.00 a month with shipping included.  The boxes leave headquarters in the middle of the month.  Subscriptions are set to automatically renew and you are free to cancel at any given moment in time.  Sweet!

You may also purchase a quarterly subscription (3 boxes) for $89.99, a semi annual (6 boxes) for $175.00 and an annual (12 of them boxes) for $350.00.  Want to give one of these to a buddy, acquaintance or complete stranger's, second cousin's, twice-removed Uncle Muriel?  Feel uninhibited to do so.

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