6 X Clear Round Glass Spheres Ornaments 8cm

Our review begins with a missive from the seller.  Short.  Nice.

6 X Clear Round Glass Spheres Ornaments 8cm I examined each of these and found some delightful defects and one not-so-great one.

The not-so-great defect manifests as what seems to be a tiny shard of glass which, seems to be stuck to the upper portion of one of the globes.  It didn't scratch me and I'm afraid that if I try to remove it, the entire globe will be marred forever.  Or, broken.

The pleasant defects are bunches of tiny air bubbles.  These are going to be just beautiful once I decorate the Christmas tree with them!  I like these.

Otherwise, these are simple, sturdy enough and even elegant.  They come with a small polishing cloth.  Nice!

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