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The first time that Ginae Says heard about wild friends foods was on the entrepreneurial reality show, Shark Tank.  They decided not to go with Shark Barbara's offer.  We were blown away.  The girls (founders) had a good story, they were energetic and they walked away from the show, wanting to do their own thing.

They're smart.  They did a Kickstarter campaign and were featured on Oprah's Magazine, O. They must have known what they were doing. 


  • (1) Box of Varied Flavors (10 Packets)

After our first review, the company sent us a box of their nut butters.  We don't know if they did this to be kind or because they wanted another review.  Regardless, we want to promote them again.

We involved seven people for feedback.  Two would not taste the butters even they smelled incredible and were available in a ready pouch.  They didn't like the perceived texture(s).  We understand this.  We've been eating nut butters ever since we discovered them and it simply goes with the product.  It's not a big deal people.  It's just not.
wild friends foods

Regardless, one stated she loved that the product was in a pouch.  She added that she had enjoyed the packet with only spoon and a glass of milk.  Perfect!

One said that she ate it out of the package with a knife and it turned out well for her as she had forgotten to knead the pouch beforehand.  Those instructions don't lie people.  Feel free to read them.

Other than these two incidences, all appreciated the product.  Some had no concept of a nut butter.  We were expedient to educate them. 

You have to make up your mind for yourself.  We did and we like them.  Oh, and, feel free to read the instructions.  It helps.

Wild friends foods may be purchased from the website, as listed below.

About wild friends foods:

We created Wild Friends as two hungry college students looks for healthy snacks. Since making our first jar in 2011, we've launched dozens of new flavors of nut butter, left our college apartment behind and are now based in Portland, Oregon, but a few things have stayed the same -- most importantly, our passion for great-tasting products, made with the healthiest whole ingredients we can find.

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