Tweezer Set by Marks Gouger

By the by, this item arrived quickly.

Tweezer Set by Marks Gouger When I unboxed this product, I noticed that it was very nice-looking.  I had previously ordered tweezers and it had a brown handle and skin piercing metal bits and I would totally use it if I had something in my foot.  However, I like pretty things.

The box was black with a white logo on it.  Inside was a black case, wrapped in plastic.  The case was black on the outside and red on the inside.  Pretty!

The tweezers inside of the case were black, white and red.  I like these colors anyway.  The logo is one side of each tweezer set. 

A+ for presentation.

Tweezer Set by Marks GougerOddly enough, my Barbie Doll, 13-year-old niece introduced me to eyebrow tweezing a scant week before I received these.  I liked the results.  But, they need more work. 

I used the two that didn't have a skin piercing points.  They were easy to use.  Work well and will probably last longer as they are comprised of a metallic substance.

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