Tekeen: T.G.I.F. for July 8

Tekeen (teh-keen) is a family owned endeavor who create a primo line of cocktails in Dripping Springs, Texas.  Products are made with agave nectar, orange wine and natural flavors.  Tekeen is not to be underestimated.  It is not really wine and it's not really a spirit. 

However, the chasm lies in the taste.  You're not sure what you're drinking.  But, you're okay that you are. 

Founder and two siblings Christian Alvarez combined their culture and their passion for cocktails for this line of products, which, sip like a wine.  Truly, these are unique beverages.  It's oddly nice.


  • (1) Cucumber Lime 750ml
  • (1) Grapefruit 750ml
  • (1) Passion Fruit Lime 750ml

The bottles are beautifully designed.  You cannot imagine the tastes.  Until you try them.

Cucumber Lime

This one is our favorite and while we would not ordinarily nor purposely consume a cucumber, in any form, this is different in a way that we like.  The cucumber against the lime is familiar.  It's as difficult to explain as it is to classify!


An initial sniff is hard.  Then, sweet.  Then, the grapefruit hits ya.  Even thought this has a strong ethanol taste, it's still good.

Passion Fruit Lime

This one hit us pretty hard.  It's too strong for the likes of our palate.  Whewwww.

Recipes are located here.

For now, Tekeen can be located in various Texas cities, some of which, border Old Mexico.  The map is here.  It's unfortunate really.

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