Speed Cube

If you remember the days of the Rubik's Cube (Circa 1980), then, you will remember a fad which enveloped our world.  Kids had these in class, adults were working on them.  Even my grandparents had one.

Speed Cube Smart.

It's wise to do things which, encourage mentality, thinking and comprehending skills.  If you are one of the ones who had worked the Cube without figuring it out, you still have a chance. 

However, this cube moves better. It's well-oiled.  It's sure to get someone's attention if you leave it on your desk too. 

As for me, I normally do not undertake tasks for which, I know I will end up endlessly frustrated and over-tired.  Hence, I never endeavored the Cube.  But, I do recommend it for others, just for the reasons that I've listed above.

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