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  • (1) Pair of Socks for May from Soul-Socks, "Dangerous Waters"

Dangerous Waters feature blue sharks on a gray background with a yellow heel. They also have the Soul-Socks name emblazoned on the soles.  There is a card which, accompanies the socks expanding on the name of this pair.  The last sentence states,

Succeed undoubtedly.

Right on!

These are tall socks.  They fit well and were made well.  There are no dangling threads, strings or extraneous dangly items.  Nice!

About Soul Socks:

We like socks. A lot. But we realized that it wasn’t often we went out to the store just to buy socks…so we wanted to offer a service that gets exclusively designed socks delivered to doorsteps with ease – once a month. Who doesn’t always need another pair of socks?

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