Sock of the Month Club: July, 2016

Sock of the Month Club was founded in 2012 by Dane Jensen and Noah Lee and hollers from Austin, Texas.  Actually, it all began with a game of corn hole.  Now, it's all about quality socks which, look great!

Sock of the Month Club: July, 2016Received:

  • (1) Pair of Socks- The Electorate

Sock of the Month Club: July, 2016This month's socks are of a semi-traditional Fourth of July design.  The band is red and blue banded.  The rest of the sock is blue with small, random stars and the toe bears the Sock Club name.  They're darling and our 13-year-old niece has not been quite about her desire to own and to wear them.  Since we inadvertently ordered a small size, we will acquiesce.  Plus, she is so stinkin' cute.  Just like the socks!

Sock club prices begin at $12.00 per month as a one-time buy, or $12.00 a month X3 ($36.00), X6 ($72.00) X12 (132.00).  You may buy for yourself, or others.  Simply hit up the website, as listed below.

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