Premium 4-Piece Long-Handled Gardening Tool Set

To test and review this set of gardening implements, I used them with two seed kits which, I also received recently, for review.  It was nice to be able to use a set which, is a set.  Otherwise, I have a blue digger, no spade and some other thing. 

Premium 4-Piece Long-Handled Gardening Tool Set These look nice.  They're sturdy too.  Here's my breakdown;

The pruning shears are sturdy and easy to move.  The last pair of shears that I received for review (from an entirely different company) were stuck together even though they were well-oiled.  These were well-oiled and moved freely.  Sharp!

The hand trowel works beautifully if you pour water on the soil that you are soon to be working with. 

The spade was plenty sharp. I like the shape of the head.  It's shorter and wider than others that I've seen.

The cultivator has embedded depth values.  It works better in tight spaces than the spade does.  It's got a smaller head.

This is a good set for the buck.

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