Pants Hanger - Hangers for Slacks Trousers or Scarves

On the norm, you don't want to use pants hangers, as they can leave you with ugly creases.  However, I haven't used these long enough to be able to tell and even if they did, most of my pants are for kicking around the house and the cats could care less about such prideful concerns.  I don't care either.

Pants Hanger - Hangers for Slacks Trousers or Scarves These are heavy!  They are not a joke.  Picking all 20 of them up is not a joke either.

These look so much better than plastic hangers too.  For the price, you pay a hair over $1.00 for each hanger.  This is an excellent price for these.

Each hanger has a black plastic coated lower portion and a slight upturn so that your pants do not simply slide off of the hanger.  It looks good and is functional as well.  I like these!

I shared this 20-pack with one of my reviewers and she loved them as well!

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