Pacifier clip, Set of 3, For Boys and Girls

Our review begins with two simple missives from the seller.  The messages contained a link to my order.  Nice.

Pacifier clip, Set of 3, For Boys and Girls The product arrives in a real nice, gray box.  The box contains the three pacifier clips, a plastic container for the clips and an insert, explaining the research for the product and a list of features.

The package, in its entirety is well-designed.  The gray box is a real nice touch.  The plastic container has a loop at the top, so that it may be neatly attached to a diaper bag, for example. 

The ribbons are short so that baby doesn't get wrapped up in it and/or lose an arm.  They are also sturdy and no dangling threads, strings or pills.  They are bright and will attract a baby's attention.  The designs on the ribbons are nice too.  Not just right, but, feature planets, which focuses on the recognition of round objects.

The loops are well sewn and comprised of a soft, comfortable material.  The snappers are plastic, in the event that the baby's chin rests on one of them.  They are also of 3 different colors; Yellow, white and blue.

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